PACE / Investigation Services


WE offer a 24/7 PACE cover for all your Police Stations requirements including both Duty and Own in Greater Manchester and the North West of England. We can cover further afield subject to prior agreement.  Our Fee earner has over 30 years experience in this field from Murder, terror cases on down. A full report is prepared and emailed by the next working day and all legal aid forms are completed and forwarded to your firm. When there is a over right remand we shall speak with your Fee earner to advise of this ensuring they are aware of the charges and the Court location. If a no comment interview has been advised we shall prepare a Section 9 for your assistance.


Case reports are stored on our server should you require copies at any time. These are deleted only after seven years.


We do not cover CRIM1/2 matters such as DWP or Trading Standards due to the GCC restriction unless these are Private clients. These can be covered on a private basis subject to prior agreement.


Re-Bails and VIPERS


If the matter we have attended on previously is to be further interviewed at re-bail we can attend subject to a £30 cost plus disbursements. An additional report will be prepared for your assistance.


If the re-bail is a case where we have not attended previously we shall charge our full fee of £80 plus disbursements.


In addition VIPERS 1/2/3 can be covered for a costs off £25 plus disbursements but is only normal done in exceptional matters such as murders, unusual appearance of Clients etc.  


We also carry out work where you have been instructed by a Union on behalf of your client and is under investigation by any authority, such as the NHS. These are normally private matters and we can discuss a fee to cover this class of work with you.

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